My Story

Willard J Wilcox, a singer/songwriter based out of Chicago, IL.
I write and perform my originals, entertaining crowds by putting my own flavor on covers all over the United States.
Currently I'm looking to broaden my musical horizons with new ideas and exploring the world one note at a time.
I am the frontman for Chicagos own The Dead Hands which is life for me! My main focus. You could say my baby! 

Rhythm is in my family blood line. No way to escape it. I knew how to write a song before I learned how to throw a ball. Unfortunately  I did not think it was very possible to have any type of career in music until I was in my mid 20's. Now with a new found focus on following my dreams, I set out to change anyone who thinks the way I did. Writing music is an expression of feeling, regardless of good or bad it can impact someones thoughts for life by a simple lyric or a crazy progression. I have been changed by my musical heroes and that is why I'm here. 

So whats next? Well a lot of shows, more recordings, music videos, live videos, and bettering myself anyway that I can!"